Friends of Presidio Hills Golf Course is a community-led nonprofit organization comprised of San Diego residents and golf enthusiasts working together to help return Presidio Hills Golf Course to its former glory.

“This precious historical city asset located in Old Town, the first settlement in California, will be restored to host educational programs and clinics for San Diego schools and organizations.

“It will provide current and future generations of golfers a much-needed valuable resource to learn and improve their game, while honoring an important piece of San Diego history.

Golf Legacy

Presidio Hills: San Diego’s cradle of golf since 1932

Presidio Hills Golf Course has been a San Diego institution since 1932 and is one of the oldest par-3 courses in the United States. The clubhouse (Casa de Carrillo), built in 1802, is the oldest adobe dwelling in San Diego. The course was opened by George Marston, a key figure in San Diego history who supported Balboa Park, founded the San Diego History Center and saved the surrounding Presidio area from development. Marston was also a golfer and played the first round at Presidio Hills.

Casa de Carrillo Legacy

Much has been written about George Marston over the years, but in the fall 1984 Journal of San Diego History, Dr. Nicholas C. Polos wrote that the Presidio Hill area also embodied his great affection for history. This was clearly evident in the early part of 1907, when Marston and four other members of the Chamber of Commerce began purchasing the lots on the hill to preserve the site of the “first Spanish mission of California,” hoping one day to convey the lots to the city at cost for the purpose of an historic park.

George White Marston’s feeling for beauty found expression in his efforts as a civic leader to improve his environment with development projects such as Balboa Park, Borrego Desert Park, Torrey Pines Park, the Panama-California Exposition of 1915, and eventually Presidio Park

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